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Other fits:Tektro/Trp

Product Introduction

Product details

Compatible Models
Deore XT BR-M8120, BR-M8020
XTR BR-M9120
SLX BR-M7120
Saint BR-M810, BR-M820
BR-MT420, BR-MT520
Available Compounds
Environmental Compound
Semi-Metallic Compound
E-BIKE Compound

Product Introduction


Environmental Compound

This is an Eco friendly compound which is copper free compound, less noise with good brake power in dry conditions.
Copper free
Environmental protection
Stopping power better than OE in the later period
For commuter and leisure use.

Semi-Metallic Compound

This is the high performance semi-metallic compound with good modulation and brake power.
Quiet in dry and slight noise in wet conditions.
Slight noise in wet condition Good anti noise ability
High stopping power with good modulation
Comfort braking feel
Performance better than most of OE
For mountain road, commuter, and sometime heavy riding users.

E-BIKE Compound

This is a compound that we develop for E-bike and heavy riding use. with powerful braking, low wearing and long lifespan - more than 2-3 times wear than standard pad.
Low abrasion, long lifespan
Excellent braking power
High temperature resistant
Precision handle feeling
Suitable for all conditions
Electric bike
For the demands of competition, downhill and high performance and heavy bicycle riding use.
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