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Other fits:Shimano/Trp

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Compatible Models
Auriga HD-M290, HD-M291, HD-T530, HD-T525, HD-E530, HD-E525, HD-E520, HD-E500
Aquila MD-M500
Aries MD-M300
Dorado HD-E715
Draco2 HD-M352
Gemini SL HD-M520, HD-M521, HD-M535
Gemini HD-M500, HD-M501, HD-M510, HD-M530
HDC330 HD-M330
Junior HD-M282
Mira MD-C400, MD-C510
Orion SL HD-M740
Orion 4+2P HD-M735 (2 Piston Rear)
Orion HD-M725, HD-M730
Vela HD-T290
Volans HD-T710
Available Compounds
E-BIKE Compound

Product Introduction


E-BIKE Compound

This is a compound that we develop for E-bike and heavy riding use. with powerful braking, low wearing and long lifespan - more than 2-3 times wear than standard pad.
Low abrasion, long lifespan
Excellent braking power
High temperature resistant
Precision handle feeling
Suitable for all conditions
Electric bike
For the demands of competition, downhill and high performance and heavy bicycle riding use.
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