Product Description

Fitting position:Rear 
Inner  - W:55.8mm H:37.1mm T:10.3mm
Outer  - W:85.0mm H:42.5mm T:8.0mm
Other fits:Aeon/Kawasaki/Kymco/Peugeot/Suzuki/Yamaha/Gogoro

Product Introduction

Product details

Compatible Models
D-XC/E-XC/E-GS 125 90~91 F&R
D-XC/E-XC/E-GS 125 (Brembo & Grimeca Calipers) 92~93
EXC 125 (Brembo Calipers) 89~89 F&R
MX 125 (Brembo Calipers) 89~91 F&R
MX 125 (Brembo & Grimeca Calipers) 92~93
D-XC/E-XC/E-GS 250 (Brembo Calipers) 91~91 F&R
D-XC/E-XC/T-XC/E-GS 250 (Grimeca Calipers) 92~93
EXC/EGS 250 (Brembo Calipers) 89~89 F&R
MX 250 (Brembo Calipers) 89~91 F&R
MX 250 (Brembo Calipers) 93
DXC/EXC/EGS 350 (Brembo Calipers) 90~91 F&R
EXC 350 (Brembo Calipers) 89~89 F&R
MX 350 (Brembo Calipers) 90~91 F&R
500 LC-4 MX/EXC (Brembo Calipers) 90~91 F&R
MX 500 92~94
600 LC4 MX/EXC (Brembo Calipers) 90~91 F&R
600 LC4 EXC 92~93
SX 620/EXC/EGS 94~94
Available Versions
Street Aggressive Version
Sports Version
Heavy-Racing Version
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Product Introduction

Street Aggressive Version

Organic Compounds/Ceramic
Low dust
Low noise
Temperature: 0-400°C
Low abrasion
Environmental protection
Rotor friendly
Suitable for riding frequently.
For commuter and leisure use.

Sports Version

Ceramic Compounds
Low dust
Low noise
Temperature: 0-500°C
Middle abrasion
Braking performance and temperature resistant are better than genuine parts.
Environmental protection
Rotor friendly
For mountain road, commuter, and sometime heavy riding users.
Suitable: down to 250cc motorcycle / scooter

Heavy-Racing Version

Ceramic Compounds
Middle dust
Slight noise
Temperature: 0-600°C
High temperature resistant suitable for heavy-racing
Excellent braking power with high friction
For the demands of competition, downhill and high performance use.
Up to 250 cc type suitable
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