Quality First, Customer Satisfaction

In recent years, ADUI has massively invested in machines used in the production line, quality inspection, and performance tests, for example, German Intermittent hybrid mixers, Fully automatic weighing scales, Optical comparators, etc. Our R&D focused on developing friction material products that could increase braking performance, longevity, reduce noise problems and dust to ensure products are safe for the braking system and avoid risk. Importantly ADUI has passed through vigorous market tests in Taiwan, we strictly apply quality first policy to ensure product consistency and stability.

ISO recognition

ADUI applies various management systems. All our products are manufactured based on ISO 9001 regulations and are tested with precise inspection equipment and testing instruments for product development and verification.

NT$10 million Product Liability Insurance

Our product is underwritten by Tokio Marine Products Insurance Company with a product liability insurance of NT$10 million, which take effect within the scope of use in compliance with safety regulation
(Taiwan Only)

High specifications, high standards, professionalism

Quality Control

Optical comparator

Ensure that the measurements of raw materials meet our inspection standards.

Fully automatic weighing scales

Precisely mix raw material according to proportion. Automation increases production.

German Intermittent hybrid mixers

Speedy mixing speed, materials are evenly mixed.

Bicycle dynamic simulation testing machine

Periodical test takes place to ensures quality and stability of mass-produced brake pads for bicycles.

NT15 inertia dynamic simulator testing machine

Periodical test takes place to ensure the quality and stability of mass-produced brake pads for automobiles and motorcycles.

Universal testing machine

To test the strength of the bond between the friction material and back plate.

Surface Roughness Comparator

Periodical test takes place to check the roughness of the back plate and adhesion of the adhesive and paint.

Rockwell hardness testing machine

Test the hardness of brake pads meets the requirements of physical properties

Salt spray testing machine

To test rust-proof ability that had been through surface treatment and improves paint rust-proof ability.

Environmental compliances

Material regulations

Non-Asbestos, REACH, ROSH 2.0

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