Over 25 years of R&D experience

ADUI is specialized in Original Design Manufacturing (ODM). Our R&D team is dedicated to developing new material formulations using Japanese friction material and production technology. Our main product categories include Non-Asbestos Organic(NAO), Organic Compound, Low Copper, Copper Free, Ceramic, Semi-Metallic, etc., which are compatible with brake systems available on the market, and we customized brake pads according to different driving habits, which has different features as in high braking performance, low dust, low noise, etc. Our products are well recognized by on-road or sport driving users. We listen to customers and we understand your need. We align our techniques with customers' goals to ensure final products are consistent with customers' requests.

Integrated production line

Aside from bicycle, motorcycle, and automobile brake pads, we also supply brake pads to the new electric vehicle market and other unique markets, as such light electrical scooters, Electric bikes, electric-assist bikes, industrial machines, special vehicles, military vehicles, railway brake pad locomotive. We develop products according to samples, drawings, and characteristic requirements requested by customers, and provide safe moving solutions to all brake system users

Bicycle Brake Pads

City bikes, Road bike, Mountain bike, Racing, etc..

Motorcycle Brake Pads

Scooter, Motorcycle, Cruiser, Heavy Motorcycle, Racing, etc..

E-bike/E-motor Brake Pads

Electric bike, Electric mountain bike, Cargo Bike,Electric scooter, Trial Bike, Electric vehicle etc..

Automobile Brake Pads

Japanese cars, Korean Cars, European cars, American Cars,Sedan, Saloon, Wangon, Touring, Hatchback, SUV, CUV, MPV, etc..

Car Tuning/Car Racing Brake Pads

Brake Caliper, Sports car, Convertible, Cabriolet, Spyder, Roadster, Rainng, etc..

Industrial Brakes

Industry, Agriculture, Crane, Stacker, etc..

Public Transport Brake Pads

Bus, Train, Truck, MRT,LRT, etc..

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