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Brake pads material commonly seen on the market are asbestos, non-asbestos, asbestos-free, semi-metal, low copper, copper-free, ceramic fiber, composite material, sintered metal, etc. These materials are made from mixtures of ingredients and are developed based on the ingredients’ characteristics and performance requirements. Brake pads’ quality and performance can vary depending on the ratio of ingredients in the formulation.

Brake pads were mainly made of asbestos and resin in the past due to limited technical and ingredients options. However, in addition to being harmful to the environment and human health, asbestos brake pads also threaten to lose brake power during wet braking. In 2018, Taiwan Environmental Protection Agency has officially banned the use of asbestos in brake pads.

Back in 1997, when ADUI is newly established, we manufactured only non-asbestos brake pads. To support global environmental awareness and increase friction material quality, we have introduced ceramic compound brake pads. Its’ non- asbestos properties help to significantly reduce the harmful impact of toxic & heavy metals on the environment and human health.

In 2010, both California and Washington enacted legislation of 「The Better Brakes Law」, which requires the reduction of copper, asbestos, and other heavy metals usage in brake pads as the deposits of these materials might wash away from roadways to streams, rivers, and lake. Surface runoff with asbestos-contaminated water will cause water pollution and harmful effect on fish, amphibians, invertebrates, and plants.

In 2015, EPA, states, and the automotive industry signed an agreement to reduce the use of copper and other materials in motor vehicle brake pads. The agreement calls for reducing copper in brake pads to < 5 percent by weight in 2021 and 0.5 percent by 2025.

In recent years, copper-free material has been our main focus, and our R&D team has achieved breakthroughs thru tech-innovation. We face head-on the strict demand from the global market on copper content in brake pads and took the initiative to introduce copper-free environmentally friendly materials. In response to the "The Better Brakes Law", and taking into account both environmental protection and product performance, we provide ultimate value in safe mobility solutions.

With years of R&D experience and advanced manufacturing technology, ADUI offers high-performance and high-quality brake pads to satisfy customer requirements. We are a reliable partner to many market brands.

Friction Material

Learning about friction material properties helps you understand which material best suit your vehicle type and driving style.

Semi-Metallic Brake Pads

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Non-Asbestos Organic Brake Pad

Best solution to replace asbestos product.

Ceramic Compound Brake Pad

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