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ADUI has known for our brake pad quality, our experienced engineers have averaged twenty-five years of experiences in developing, quality control and related professional fields about brake pads. We specialize in producing and customizing car brake pads, motorcycle brake pads, bicycle brake pads, mountain bike brake pads, train brake pads and brake pads for machines like agricultural machinery, electromagnetic motor brake pads, car tuning brake pads, and so on.

We always strive to improve quality and understand our customer's needs and to improve our customer service. Our engineers focus on our customer's needs, and scrutinize every process to ensure quality, efficiency and excellent brake products. Therefore, our business expands from market sell to OEM/ ODM, we have offer OEM ODM brake pad service for several years. Taiwan railway and other international markets which will also increase our business each year.

In the future, it is our desire to continue to support our customer needs and to provide the best quality, service and experience possible. Contact us anytime if you need a experienced and skillful brake pad supplier. All of your brake pads custom needs are welcome.


ISO 9001:2015
Quality System Certification
Product liability insurance
(Taiwan only)
D-U-N-S certificate
Product patent certificate

Our History

  • proimages/about/AboutTopBrake/1997-01.png

    ADUI Company Established

  • proimages/about/AboutTopBrake/1998-01.png

    ISO 9002 Quality System Certification

  • 2000

    Taiwan Railway Bureau Qualified Supplier

  • proimages/about/AboutTopBrake/2004-01.png

    ISO 9001 & QS 9000 Quality System Certification

  • proimages/about/AboutTopBrake/2006-01.png

    Japan Racing Grade Material Involved

  • proimages/about/AboutTopBrake/2007-01.png

    Group - WTC Company

  • proimages/about/AboutTopBrake/2004-01.png

    ISO 9001:2015 Quality System Certification

  • 2012

    Bicycle Heat Sink Brake Pad go on The Market

  • 2015

    Bicycle Heat Sink Brake Pad Awarded by 「2015 AMPA&IF Best Design」

  • proimages/about/AboutTopBrake/2019-01.png

    Founded ADUI BRAKE Vietnam

  • 2021

    Introduced several new pieces of equipment such as German Intermittent hybrid mixers, Fully automatic weighing scales, Optical comparator, etc.

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