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E-bike/E-motor Brake Pads

People have paid more attention to environmental problems than ever in recent years, so that’s why electric motorcycles (E-motor) and electric bicycles (E-bike) have become a trend. To improve the performance of E-bikes and E-motors, ADUI insists on developing new compounds that are suitable for the electric brake pads. With constant efforts, in 2020, we finally launched new E-motor/ E-bike compounds. The new compounds can not only upgrade the performance, but also prolong the lifespan of the electric bike brake pads.

If you have any questions regarding our E-motor/E-bike brake pads, welcome to contact us anytime.

Electric Bike Brake Pads

E-BIKE Compound

This is a compound that we develop for E-bike and heavy riding use. with powerful braking, low wearing and long lifespan - more than 2-3 times wear than standard pad.
Low abrasion, long lifespan
Excellent braking power
High temperature resistant
Precision handle feeling
Suitable for all conditions
Electric bike
For the demands of competition, downhill and high performance and heavy bicycle riding use.
Street Electric Bike Brake Pads

Street Aggressive E+

High performance technology compound
Little dust
Low abrasion
Temperature: 0-400°C
Environmental protection
Enjoyable riding with Eco-friendly low noise
Rotor friendly
Electric motorcycle
For riding frequently, commuter and leisure use.

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