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Car Tuning/Car Racing Brake Pads

The stopping power and friction of racing cars are different to passenger cars. We provide two types of performance brake pads which are sports and track versions for tuning cars. The main material for racing brake pads is ceramic compounds. They can provide high-performance braking and short stopping distance. Due to our outstanding techniques, we used to support one of the Taiwan Speed Festival teams to win the championship.

If you are interested in our high-quality racing brake pads, please feel free to contact us!

Sports Version Racing Brake Pads

Sports Version

Ceramic Compounds
Low dust
Low noise
Excellent temperature resistant for heavy driving
High friction coefficient
Power braking
Suitable for sports driving, car tuning
Track Version Performance Brake Pads

Track Version

Top Brake Special developed friction formula
Customized products
High friction coefficient
Handling precision feeling
Stable braking in high temperature
Excellent temperature resistant for fierce driving
Suitable for use in track or rally
Design for car racing use
High performance driving demands

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