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Bicycle Brake Pads

How Do Cycle Disc Brake Pads Work?

A disc brake is one of the types of brakes and it can be divided as mechanical and hydraulic actuated brakes.  A mechanical disc brake is to use mechanical elements to create friction and stop or slow the shafts. The way it is applied to bicycles is when the lever is activated, the disc brake pad will be against a disc or rotor and then create friction. On the other hand, a hydraulic disc brake is a closed braking system involving hoses and reservoirs containing hydraulic fluid. When the lever is pulled, a plunger pushes the fluid through the hoses and into the caliper where the pads are pushed onto the disc, and the bike is accordingly slowed down.

How Do You Choose the Right Bike Disc Brake Pads?

No matter what type your bicycle brake is, that's no doubt that you need a fine cycle disc brake pad to make sure your brake can work perfectly all the time. Before you choose which brake pads to purchase, the first thing you should consider is what your bicycle is for; maybe it is for daily commuting, mountain bike racing or heavy riding, etc. Different biking purposes could effect your decision on bike brake disc pads. Choosing right ones can not only better your biking experience, but expand the lifespan of the pads as well. Another vital factor you should take into consideration is weather. Some brake pads do not have enough water-resistence; while raining, your brake may not function normally. Therefore, choosing wet-weather brake pads is essential when you are riding during the transition seasons of spring or autumn.

Taiwan Is a Bicycle Kingdom.

ADUI has years of experience in bicycle disc brake pads OEM. We persist in providing stable quality of cycle disc brake pads for our clients. In order to give dual attention to rider's safety, comfort and high-performance braking, we have developed different types of brake pads, such as mountain bike brake disc pads, road bike brake pads and so on. There are a variety of disc brake pads for mountain bike and e-bike, the material is suitable for all conditions. And evey pads can function perfectly even in wet weather.

Plus, We also have e-bike compound brake pads; it's durable, long brake pad life and high temperature resistant with excellent stopping power. We also offer custom service, welcome to contact ADUI BRAKE, the professional cycle disc brake pads manufacturers anytime!

Environmental Cycle Disc Brake Pads

Environmental Compound

This is an Eco friendly compound which is copper free compound, less noise with good brake power in dry conditions.
Copper free
Environmental protection
Stopping power better than OE in the later period
For commuter and leisure use.
Semi-Metallic Brake Pad

Semi-Metallic Compound

This is the high performance semi-metallic compound with good modulation and brake power.
Quiet in dry and slight noise in wet conditions.
Slight noise in wet condition Good anti noise ability
High stopping power with good modulation
Comfort braking feel
Performance better than most of OE
For mountain road, commuter, and sometime heavy riding users.
E Bike Brake Pads

E-BIKE Compound

This is a compound that we develop for E-bike and heavy riding use. with powerful braking, low wearing and long lifespan - more than 2-3 times wear than standard pad.
Low abrasion, long lifespan
Excellent braking power
High temperature resistant
Precision handle feeling
Suitable for all conditions
Electric bike
For the demands of competition, downhill and high performance and heavy bicycle riding use.

Heat Sink Brake Pads

Heat sink brake pad-thermal recession isn't a problem when cycling The operation temperature of brake pads are different from heat sink and normal, the temperature is less around 165oC.

Heatsink Brake Pads

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