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Automobile Brake Pads

ADUI is one of the best automobile brake pads manufacturers in Taiwan; we've done brake pads OEM&ODM for many years. There are 20 kinds of materials to manufacture car brake pads and the main materials are semi metallic and ceramic compounds. All our automobile brake pads can customize. The car disc brake pads are manufactured for many car brands. We provide all kinds of automobile disc brake pads and technical knowledge for it. To learn more information about our product, contact us right away!

Street Automobile Brake Pads

Street Version

Semi Metallic
Low wear
Low dust
Low abrasion / Long life
Low Noise
Rotor friendly
Stable braking when the temperature is high
Suitable for driving frequently
For commuter use.
Street Aggressive Version | Automobile Brake Pad

Street Aggressive Version

Organic Compounds/Ceramic Compounds
Low noise
Low dust
The performance is better than OE
Power braking and high temperature Resistance
Environmental protection
Rotor friendly
For mountain road, commuter, and sometime heavy driving users.

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